Welcome to MMSPhil Maritime Services, Inc.

MMSPhil Maritime Servises, Inc. will supply all its customers with qualified seafarers and service that will meet their needs and expectations consistently.

MMSPhil Maritime Services, Inc. is totally committed to achieving the highest standard of seafarer recruitment and training.

MMSPhil Maritime Services, Inc. aims to remain at the forefront of its established fields of business by continuous improvement, initiative and innovation. This involves the participation, thought and endeavors of all employees in the organization-quality being the responsibility of everyone.

These high standards of service will be achieved by operating a Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000 requirements. To improve the effectiveness of the QMS, a regular verification and review process of the policies and procedures must be implemented.

Customer satisfaction and the good name of MMSPhil Maritime Services, Inc. are directly dependent upon this working philosophy.Manila, Philippines, 03 November 2006.